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Our Frequently Asked Questions


Cleaning of my CPAP equipment?

When you get setup on your PAP (Positive Airway Pressure) equipment,  you will be shown how to clean your mask, tubing, and water tub as well as the frequency of the cleaning.  Often we get asked if it is necessary to purchase a special CPAP cleaning machine that is advertised on TV.  Our answer is no.  If you read the instructions for the device advertised on TV, it instructs the user to wash the equipment on a regular basis in soapy water in addition to the use of the device.  If this is done the pathogens (disease causing microbes) will not cause you any problems.  In addition to this I routinely read through the medical journals and I have not found one study that indicates someone became ill from using their own PAP (CPAP & BiPAP) equipment.

Is it safe to use Oxygen in my home?

Yes.  The biggest risk to using oxygen within the home is fire.  However, Oxygen is NOT flammable but will support combustion.  That means that Oxygen won't start a fire but if you have an open flame or fire already burning it will cause it to burn hotter and faster.  For this reason any person using oxygen should NEVER smoke as it can cause serious burns not only to the mouth, face and airways but can also ignite clothing, bedding and surrounding furniture.  Not only do you put your self at risk but also those around you.  If family members smoke they should be strongly encouraged to go outside and if you have to smoke you need to turn the oxygen off completely and remove the nasal cannula from your face and person altogether.

Is Medical Oxygen the same as the Air we breathe?

No.  The air we breathe is composed of 21% Oxygen, 79% Nitrogen and other trace gases.  Medical Oxygen is 99% pure.  There are health risks associated with using too much Oxygen so it is extremely important to follow your physician's order and contact him/her before making any changes to your liter flow.

Can I just stop in and pick up PAP supplies?

We encourage people to call before they come in as you will need a prescription to obtain ANY CPAP/BiPAP supplies.  The prescription can be from a physician, nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant and must be written within the last 12 months.  Calling ahead will also ensure the supplies are in stock and available.   If you would like it billed to your insurance company additional information will be required.  If you have any insurance questions please call and speak with Stephanie Glines.

Can you bill my insurance?

We accept Medicare, Medicaid (Open Card), Providence Health Plans, Pacific Source, Moda Health Plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, Aetna, Samaritan Health Plans, Healthnet Medicare PPO (Violet or Aqua Plans), United Medicare Advantage PPO only, (please note that not all United PPO plans have similar benefits to In Network providers).  We do not accept Trillium OHP or Trilllum Medicare, United Healthcare HMO plans-commercial and Medicare, Healthnet HMO plans-commercial and Medicare and Cigna.   If you do not see your insurance in either list please feel free to call and speak with Stephanie Glines.

My doctor wrote an prescription for my equipment will my insurance pay for it?

A Providers prescription by itself doesn't make a piece of equipment medically necessary.   In order to bill your insurance we would need the chart notes from the prescribing provider to document the medical necessity required for the equipment.